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About Us

donate to make shift** Makerspace – a community-operated workspace where people with common interests, often in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, can meet, create, socialize, and collaborate. Also referred to as a hacklab or hackspace, “Fab Lab”, and tech shop. **

MakeShift is a makerspace in Lincoln, Nebraska. Makerspaces and tool libraries are popping up all over the country and the world. The founders of MakeShift believe that the Clinton neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska needs one too.

MakeShift is a community hub for creation and learning. Watch the web site for news of classes and workshops we will be offering in the near future. Or just join our mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted!

MakeShift is a maker group. Makers of all disciplines are invited to join our lively discussions about and see our current projects. We meet most Mondays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

MakeShift will eventually house a tool lending library.


The mission and purpose of MakeShift is to promote, support, and advance technical, scientific, artistic skills, innovation, and invention through individual and collaborative projects, community building, tool and resource access, education and mentorship.

MakeShift is a space in Lincoln, NE that serves as a gathering point for makers, tinkerers and D.I.Y-ers, to explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture. These experiences are interest-driven and hands-on.

  • MakeShift promotes the act of making through exhibitions, projects, workshops, and other public activities.
  • MakeShift provides workshop space, classrooms, computer labs, and a tool and book library, which will allow for people to gather and cross-pollinate in ideas and knowledge.
  • MakeShift is a self-sustaining and member-driven 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, lead by a nine-member Board of Directors.

Who is MakeShift?

MakeShift is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists, hackers, machinists, Nikola Tesla fan-girls (our building is home to the world’s largest Tesla mural!), Burning Man participants, instrument inventors, muralists, welders, urban farmers, bicyclists, unicyclists, etc. Basically, all kinds of makers who have found common ground in the practice of “making”.

What can you learn at MakeShift ?

The space is available for people to work on projects, use the equipment, and participate in workshops.

Workshops will be led by experts as well as other makers. You can also learn how to use a variety of different tools from experts and other makers, then go on to work on self-guided projects.

Here are just some of tools you can use and skills you can learn through MakeShift :

  • Modern manufacturing technologies: 3D printer, laser cutter
  • Design: 3D modeling, product design
  • Coding: Arduino, LEDs, electronics, robotics
  • Fine art: ceramics, drawing, painting, screen-printing, bookmaking
  • Textiles: all flexible materials such as cloth, vinyl, leather, rope and string, soft circuits and wearable electronics
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking: welding and casting

Who can use it and what does it cost?

MakeShift is available to the Lincoln, Nebraska community. There are no skills or occupation required to use the space, but before you use the equipment for the first time, a training session is required.

Until the completed space opens, the small prototype space can be used in exchange for volunteer ‘pay-what-you-wish’ monetary or in-kind donations (go to our Contribute page to donate or see our Wish List). Once the new completed space opens membership guidelines will be established.

MakeShift is intended to be self-sustaining through memberships, donations from members for raw materials used, grants, and fundraising campaigns, donations, etc.

When is it open?

Every Monday (except holidays) from 5:30 to 7:30pm will be an “open lab” time. There are opportunities to learn how to operate equipment (see moderator for equipment training sign-up) and/or work on self-driven projects.

The MakeShift maker’s group also meets at this time. The Lincoln community is invited to join the lively discussion and project demonstrations of some established local makers.

Additional time in the space may be accommodated, please email

Where is it located?

While construction is progressing on the permanent space, the makerspace is currently located in Flat #105 of the Turbine Flats Project building at 2124 Y Street, Lincoln, NE 68503. Go straight through the front door to the third door on the left. Look for Tesla.

The main entrance to the building faces Y Street, on the southeast corner of the building. Parking is in the gravel lot to the west or on 22nd Street.


We are planning to open the permanent MakeShift space by Summer 2016.

What we need

  • Financial – Currently, construction is in progress to renovate the warehouse space. Estimated cost to complete the renovation is $15,000
  • Tools – Tool List 2015 09 15
  • We would happily accept your donations of tools or supplies in lieu of money.
  • Complete physical building of the infrastructure for the space.
  • Drywall, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and labor.

If you can’t contribute financially, there are other ways to help our cause:

  • donate your time / hands / brain to help us get started
  • share MakeShift on social media and with your friends and family

Community Impact

MakeShift is housed at the Turbine Flats Project, located at 22nd & Y streets since 2007. The organization has successfully transformed an old and vacant warehouse into office spaces. The businesses inside attract an array of clients and friends of the neighborhood. Many tenants, past and present, have started successful projects and businesses inside of these walls.

MakeShift resides in the Clinton neighborhood, which spans from Vine St. to Holdredge St. and 17th to 33rd Streets. The average household income is between $22,000 and $27,000. It is intended that MakeShift prove to be a catalyst and anchor-point for technological growth and economic development driven by the members of this neighborhood.

Having access to basic tools can help people complete home improvement projects economically, start gardens, eat locally, and get to know their neighbors.

Additionally, the future is bright for students learning skills in engineering, coding, web development, and graphic design. As the job market becomes increasingly oriented towards use of advanced technology, it is important to educate people how to use these tools. Lincoln, Nebraska is growing and MakeShift will help fuel this growth.